My Games During Black Friday + Unity3D Files For 3D Cel Animation

It’s that time of year. Black Friday eve, when North American shoppers all eagerly seek the best value for their dollar. Also, American Thanksgiving.

As expected, my two games “Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” and “Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” are both on sale this year at only $1.94 on Steam. This sale lasts until December 1, although you can expect a certain “winter sale” to repeat these prices soon. If you don’t like Steam, both IndieGameStand and MacGameStore should have similar prices at similar times in the next week or so. This is my first time having games available on Steam during the infamous Winter Sale, I hope “Unfinished” will break its first milestone of 1,000 copies by next week.

More importantly, I’ve posted tutorial videos and given talks about my unusual technique of using 2D animation in 3D space, which I like to call “3D Cel Animation.” Many people have asked directly for the Unity3D files, and I finally got around to uploading them. You can find them on my GitHub account, which I now hope to update more often in the coming years. These files should work with Unity3D personal addition, v5.0 and higher, and contains the complex layout of perspective planes around an object with a script for the camera to determine which plane to make visible. You’ll have to do the drawings yourself, and I hope to see what other people come up with soon.

Look below to watch some of the old videos I put up to remind you of the process.


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Good News Everyone! “Unfinished” is Greenlit, Gets New Music, & Is Coming To ConBravo With “Arcane Bullshit”

A lot happened in the last week or so.

Firstly, it was Canada Day this week. Happy Canada Day. Today it is also the 4th of July. Happy America Day.

Secondly, my latest indie game “Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” has just been Greenlit on Steam! This is unusual: based on the data, games in general are easier to get passed on Greenlight since last year because¬†older popular stand-outs are slowly being passed through, even-ing out the playing field a bit. The game was around 60% to the top, similar to my last game “Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” when it got greenlit. I can’t say my game is at all popular, the only big difference is that, overall, the game received more positive votes than negative compared to “Drew.” That alone seems to have helped me in getting passed. Which is strange, since I uploaded “Unfinished” long before the gameplay was finished enough to make sense, and despite this unclear design it seemed more universal. Further, no bundles were used to help get me ahead in votes, so if I’ve learned anything here, “up” votes are more important than I thought.

Greelight stats after passing to Steam for "Unfinished - An Artist's Lament"

Greelight stats after passing to Steam for “Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament”

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“Hullabaloo” About Successful IndieGoGo 2D Film Project

Around the time of this writing, IndieGoGo campaign “Hullabaloo” will end.

“Hullabaloo” is a 2d animated film project. It features a strong female lead in a steampunk world. It basically hopes to accomplish what Disney and other big-name animation studios haven’t done for over a decade. Yes, it’s technically a series of short films, but it’s success may also lead to a feature film if we’re lucky.

I pledged just before it ended (for the record, IndieGoGo made it incredibly easy to pledge even without an account, making me like it even a bit more than Kickstarter). I’m excited for this project. Not just because I love 2d traditional animation. I’m excited because, when asking for $80,000 on IndieGoGo, it raised over $450,000.¬†That’s a lot.

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