An Alternate Method To Recognize When Objects Are Between Your Player and Game Camera

It’s almost 2018, I plan to write a status report of my game development status soon. In short, I think I spent most of my dev time in 2017 on trees, and am still doing so even today. At least I learned a lot… still feels frustrating though.

For some time, I’ve ignored an issue where objects are in between my game camera and the focus object (in my case, the player). My past games had sparse environments, so this was never really a problem. But my current game will be a bit more diverse than that. When thinking about how to resolve this, I realized there is a simple solution that, while not perfect, gives acceptable results.

There’s more than one way to skin a tree…

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Augmented Reality is Becoming Slowly Relevant

AR (Augmented Reality) has been experimented with for almost a decade. I recall in 2013 working over the summer at a app-development company that was playing with the idea of using smartphone cameras to overlay an animated character overtop a QR-code trading card. We’ve seen games like “Pokémon Go” in 2016 giving us cute little monsters seemingly in the same space as us. The applications have been simple so far, relying on simple overlay of CGI, but I suspect we will see greater innovation and growth in this field in the next 3-5 years. This is because both Apple and Google are starting to heavily promote the applications.

Apple and Google used AR to excite audiences for their new devices in Fall 2017

Apple and Google used AR to excite audiences for their new devices in Fall 2017

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“True King” Development – Optimizing 3D Cel Animation and Raycasting

The last blog post I made on development of my game “True King” mentioned how the frame rate was unplayable when there was more than one character on the screen. I said that was worth another blog post to explain how I fixed it. That was four months ago. I’m sorry it took so long, but here it the explanation of why my game was so inefficient, and how I got around it.

My new 2D character in 3D... may not represent final gameplay.

60 fps if one character on screen… < 1 fps if 3-4 characters…

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#canada150game – “The Great Canadian Game Jam” Post-Mortem

Happy Canada Day!

The last six months have been busy, but fun. It’s the first time I took a major role in co-organizing a local game jam, aiming to bring the country together in celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. It finished on July 1, and while I’m proud of it, it’s also clear that some major things went wrong, and lessons were learned.


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