Editing 3D Meshes in Unity3D

While this isn’t related to my game projects on this site, I’ve had the opportunity for my full-time job to experiment in the Unity3D game engine the possibility of modifying meshes, specifically to skew a series of cubes as if they were swaying in the wind. I found the experience quite fascinating, and in this article I describe what I did, my thoughts on how it relates to Unity3D, and include links to my source code in GitHub and some fun animated GIF’s.

While not a standard feature, it IS possible to modify 3D meshes in Unity.

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“True King” Development – More Optimization

I don’t know why, but it’s hard to focus and make progress on my current project. It seems when I play around a bit with making the level, I end up moving backwards… this week, I did some testing regarding Unity3D’s “Terrain” system and looked again at my tree models.

Generally, using Unity3D's "Terrain" system yields comparable visual results...

Generally, using Unity3D’s “Terrain” system yields comparable visual results…

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“True King” Development – Optimizing 3D Cel Animation and Raycasting

The last blog post I made on development of my game “True King” mentioned how the frame rate was unplayable when there was more than one character on the screen. I said that was worth another blog post to explain how I fixed it. That was four months ago. I’m sorry it took so long, but here it the explanation of why my game was so inefficient, and how I got around it.

My new 2D character in 3D... may not represent final gameplay.

60 fps if one character on screen… < 1 fps if 3-4 characters…

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“True King” Development – Strategy Map Implementation

Deadlines are important for developers. Yes, we all hate deadlines, and professionally I keep seeing ridiculously unrealistic ones from customers who don’t know the difference between software and a operating system. It leads to bad quality: my games in particular could have benefited greatly by an extra few months of waiting and thinking. But it also gives a goal and motivation, something that it difficult for indie developers to find.

In past years, I relied on public events to showcase my game and spread the word. I’d work day and night up until a deadline to make a short demo and video to submit with an application, and would continue working several hours each day up until the event to improve what I’d be showing, even making last-minute modifications in the hotel room the night before. So when a deadline was announced for March for an event I was eyeing, I realized I hadn’t even enough of a game to showcase: only walking around worked, and a huge portion (the turn-based strategy bits) was never implemented. So, I got to work…

Working Prototype of Tactical Strategy Gameplay Map

Working Prototype of Tactical Strategy Gameplay Map

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