How My New Year’s Resolution Is Helping My Indie Game Development

For all of 2017, and even part of 2016, I’ve had a serious problem focusing on making games. Most of my time was spent making a living like a proper adult, but that was no excuse. I think this can be attributed to just generally poor time-management on my part: instead of spending every waking available moment I could on my games, I found myself exhausted at the end of each day, defaulting to TV or Internet, or else going straight to bed.

So I made a serious resolution for the New Year’s of 2018: to better organize my time and work more on my games. It’s February now, and so far, it’s working.

Keeping a timesheet and sticking to it can be a great motivator.

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An Alternate Method To Recognize When Objects Are Between Your Player and Game Camera

It’s almost 2018, I plan to write a status report of my game development status soon. In short, I think I spent most of my dev time in 2017 on trees, and am still doing so even today. At least I learned a lot… still feels frustrating though.

For some time, I’ve ignored an issue where objects are in between my game camera and the focus object (in my case, the player). My past games had sparse environments, so this was never really a problem. But my current game will be a bit more diverse than that. When thinking about how to resolve this, I realized there is a simple solution that, while not perfect, gives acceptable results.

There’s more than one way to skin a tree…

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Editing 3D Meshes in Unity3D

While this isn’t related to my game projects on this site, I’ve had the opportunity for my full-time job to experiment in the Unity3D game engine the possibility of modifying meshes, specifically to skew a series of cubes as if they were swaying in the wind. I found the experience quite fascinating, and in this article I describe what I did, my thoughts on how it relates to Unity3D, and include links to my source code in GitHub and some fun animated GIF’s.

While not a standard feature, it IS possible to modify 3D meshes in Unity.

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Breaking Into Game Design As A Career

(Disclaimer: The following article was NOT written by me – the guy who maintains and writes stuff on this blog. But of the variety of topics I’ve covered, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything for people who want to ‘break’ into the game industry. The following article has been provided by Jackie Edwards with my permission, and contains both well-known and lesser-known tips about how to start a career in game development. From my experience, I can say it covers everything quite well in a concise format. – A.H.)


Game design is becoming an increasingly competitive industry; breaking into the industry can be a grueling task and the job is just as tough, so it’s important to really consider whether it’s the right fit for you. At first, it may even entail having another job while you program games in your spare time. If you’re 100% convinced that game designing is your ideal career, acquiring the necessary skills is fundamental.

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