“Indie’d” Webcomic – Part 7 (2017/08/29)




Note: As of today, all future comic updates will be put on comics.fromdustscratch.com .

So… yeah. The side-project of this weekly (or monthly) comic was fun. And I think beneficial. I made 18 strips so far, and there’s a lot more I can tell with Jimmy N. Dee and his friends. If I get past 100 strips, I’ll have considered it worth it. It’s been a great outlet to talk about my thoughts of my own adventure without seeming quite as cynical, comics have a special magic for that.

… But to keep updating a new blog post on this main site every month has crowded up the purpose of the blog (game development). And it’s hard to keep track of all the comics to read later. So it made sense to make a separate website for them (WordPress sub-sites are awesome!). I will still try to update new comics onto that site each month, but may not do so regularly… its been months since I’ve made any blog post on my game development, I really need to put myself back on track.

Notice that my site url up to now has always been “fromdustscratch”, not “dustscratchgames”. Now that I’ve branched out into comics, the url still makes sense without having to be changed! Talk about thinking ahead.

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