“Indie’d” Webcomic – Part 1 (2017/01/17)



I know what you’re thinking. As that character from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” exclaimed, “What’s the meaning of this s***?”

When I started this blog, I thought it would primarily be a blog about game development. I kept forgetting what it really was: a blog about a game developer. This site follows the interests and progress of me, a fan of games, technology, animation and art.

As a kid, before I knew how to program code and before I drew at 12 fps, I sketched and made my own comics. I was inspired by Charles Schultz (Peanuts), and his ability to make pure innocence and wisdom come from smart-mouthed children, dogs and birds. My family knows how I used to quote specific Peanuts comics for any situation, and that drew nearly 100 original Peanuts comics after the author’s death. As I grew older, my tastes matured, and I chased after more complex things to make than comics.

But like an old man, I sometimes feel nostalgic for simpler things. I’ve gone from sketching to comics to animations to games to animation to comics. I love it all, and there’s something soothing about putting a pencil to paper. More than that, drawing a page of something takes a few days at most, and is relaxing, if the plan is set I don’t need to think while I do it. Unlike game development, a webcomic is faster to see progress, linearly, one comic at a time. As busy as I feel, to be able to output a comic every know and then feels good.

This is the start of a new webcomic, which I’m calling “Indie’d.” It’s a funny-page-style comic that follows the thoughts of Jimmy, a young up-and-coming game developer.  And before you start, no, this character is not me. His views and experiences are inspired by both mine and that of other developers I’ve met and heard of over the last few years. More than anything, writing for this character gives an outlet for optimism and cheesy humour, when I have trouble not being cynical about what happens to me.

If I do appear as a side character later in this comic, I might look like something below, depending on my shaving choice that month.



Hopefully, I’ll put out a couple comics like this each month for the next year or two.