Animated GIFS for Ottawa International Animation Festival

During the 2016 Ottawa International Animation Festival, I tried to fully embrace the animation world, and did so by challenging myself to make one animation for every day of the 5-day event.

I actually did it too! The GIFs are on Twitter, see them below (about 10 MB total, be careful if on data plan).

So yeah, there they are! Days 2 and 3 are my favourite (Day 3 was the only one with no feedback, maybe my thoughts on OIAF’s anti-anime stance weren’t too far off, or maybe the point of the GIF’s ending just didn’t make sense).

And yes, I spent 1 day on each of these animations while at the festival, and not a day more, while still attending film screenings and parties for about 10 hours each day. That I got this much done is a cool accomplishment. I did intend on getting some game animation and modelling done during the festival (you know, actual work), which I didn’t do at all… but looking at this, and considering I have no training on 2D animation, I’m pretty happy with myself. Maybe I could have made it as an animator after all, I will probably always doubt the path I chose.