“Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” is Available Now!

“Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” is officially available now on Steam (and soon other stores)! Hooray!

Buy it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/388680/

Plus, if you are still unsure, please try the free demo of the game here: http://unfinished.fromdustscratch.com/#system

Plus, see this little launch trailer!

The game is also trying to be on IndieGameStore, MacGameStore and WinGameStore. I should have remembered they need a few weeks to prepare a store page for it, I only submitted the game last week. Hopefully anyone who doesn’t want to use Steam can use other outlets by the end of the month.

I always feel insecure when releasing a new game, or even revealing it for the first time, knowing that this is what it is, and not everyone will like it. A few close friends tried the game for the first time this week, and while they certainly weren’t the intended audience, their appalled reaction when I said I planned to sell it was discouraging. I was tempted to not release the game at all.

While I was supposed to work on other commitments this week, I quickly improved the game slightly, such that the release build is actually v1.02. It tries harder to tell you how to play the game (even with keyboard button prompts at the top… I hate that, but it seemed necessary, and can be removed in the pause menu). A bug or two is fixed. Menu animations are added. There are definitely other problems with the game, but for the most part this is exactly the game I set out to make from the start. There may be one or two more updates in the months to come, but would be minor and based on feedback. If not, I’m honestly comfortable in saying I made this little game in the state it is in.

… although I am growing less comfortable asking for money for it. The game is $4.99, and I think it’s worth the asking price, but this game also comes across as something that really should be free. I would like to make back my development costs for the game (not too much, but still significant), but after that? We’ll see. I am curious to hear how the community as a whole takes to it. They’ve been hopeful, but upon playing the game may think otherwise. I wonder how many reviews will say it’s “unfinished.”

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I set out to make a tiny game as my second, and succeeded. If I ever make a third, I will polish it to a sparkle, no matter how long it takes. For now, those who gave me a chance, thank you.