What Is “Arcane Bullshit?”

If you’ve read any of my exploits or seen me at any game conventions, you know that there was a second product sharing the table with me every time: the tarot card deck “Arcane Bullshit.” It will be with me again at ConBravo 2015 on Saturday, July 25.  But what is it, you ask? Come into my post and see the future:

The Future Is Bullshit

The Future Is Bullshit

Arcane Bullshit is a parody full-size tarot card deck.  And it is just as functional as any other fortune telling deck. And like any other deck, the readings you make with it are bullshit, but you can easily convince yourself that the cards make sense. Seriously, it works! Make up your own rules and play with your friends, or just enjoy the crazy designs on the cards. Endless fun for all!

Props to my friend who does a great job selling the decks alongside me. He’s also working on a mobile app version of the cards, so you can “bullshit on the go,” which will hopefully see release in the near future. You can also buy a physical deck from the official website below, but for Canadians, it’s cheaper and easier to buy directly from us! Look for Arcane to join me at ConBravo and look for my daily twitter uploads that tell your future leading up to ConBravo next week!