Dust Scratch Games Is Taking Over Toronto May 9 – 10!

I like going to events to promote my games. Or rather, not the games (which are questionable in quality), but the unique animation style that I want to see more of in other games. And so, it was announced weeks ago that Dust Scratch Games will be in Toronto Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10 at:

… Yes, this means I will be in three places at once Saturday, May 9. For the record, I didn’t find out I was accepted to be at Bit Bazaar until two weeks ago, something must have went wrong with the contact information. Thankfully, I’ll have a little help from my friends, I’ll be showing up randomly at all of these places throughout Saturday, expect to see a “representative” at the tables if I am not there.

If you happen to be in Toronto this weekend, these are all free events Saturday and Sunday, and are a great way to spend some time (exactly why they all decided to be on the same stupid day I have no idea). TCAF is a cool indie comic festival with guests from around the world, and “Comics vs Games” is a small subsection of the festival that shows off indie games for you to play. DigiFest is a family-friendly showcase of interactive digital projects and companies in both software and hardware applications, and is also a entrepreneurship-conference before Saturday. Bit Bazaar is a bi-annual market with games, comics, art, food and more, featuring hand-crafted items from independent artists.

At all of these events, you can play “Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” in its entirety, or try out “Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” (a demo which is currently unfinished, I have two days to fix that). At DigiFest, I’ll be happy to talk about the animation process and other companies/talent from the University of Windsor, at TCAF I will explain in my microtalk the importance of making new ways of implementing art styles in games. At Comics vs Games you can buy a Steam key for “Drew,” and at Bit Bazaar I’ll also have physical copies of the game, plus a little flipbook for sale, all currently exclusive at these events. My Bit Bazaar items are truly hand-made (read “poor quality, you can see the glue stains on the paper”), but feel free to stop by: you can also check out a developer working with the artist behind the “Arcane Bullshit” tarot card deck (you have to see it to believe it).

Various hand-made items from Dust Scratch Games at "Bit t Bazaar Spring 2015"

Various hand-made items from Dust Scratch Games at “Bit Bazaar Spring 2015”

I look forward to coming to Toronto and not getting any sleep from now until Monday. See you there!





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