See “Unfinished” In Saturday, Toronto June 6!

It’s been too long since my last post.

If you were wondering how Toronto was a few weeks ago (my last post said I was in three places at once), it was… ok. TCAF was awesome, easily the best of the three. And I think I’ve learned my lesson about promising to be at three places at once. Of course, this is coming from a student who secured funds to book a table at PAX 2014.

Oh, I was also at Ottawa’s International Game Conference ( last week too. That was fun, and a useful pool of experts and hobbyists to talk with. I missed out on a chance to have a table there (it was explained at the conference that the organizer only began working a few weeks before the event, the organization should be much better next year), but it was nice to be on the other side for once. Although, I wondered if it was better to pay for a table at these types of events or just to wander and network with people for free. After this one example, paying for a booth/table it probably very worth while (I talked to a couple dozen people VS a table getting up to a hundred wanting to hear what you’ve brought). On the other hand, certain events are more fun to go to then to promote at. Anyway, I was in Ottawa, my Twitter feed is easier to update than my blog.

Next on my trip schedule: I’m showing off “Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” at Stage Select Gaming Expo on Saturday, June 6 in Toronto! See the website here for details:

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Dust Scratch Games Is Taking Over Toronto May 9 – 10!

I like going to events to promote my games. Or rather, not the games (which are questionable in quality), but the unique animation style that I want to see more of in other games. And so, it was announced weeks ago that Dust Scratch Games will be in Toronto Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10 at:

… Yes, this means I will be in three places at once Saturday, May 9. For the record, I didn’t find out I was accepted to be at Bit Bazaar until two weeks ago, something must have went wrong with the contact information. Thankfully, I’ll have a little help from my friends, I’ll be showing up randomly at all of these places throughout Saturday, expect to see a “representative” at the tables if I am not there.

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