Announcing My New Project: Unfinished

Sometime in January, I made a post that said…

 “I will have gameplay finished by April 2015, or so help me God I will shut down this site and my gamedev career forever!”

Well, April is almost over, and I’m announcing my next game project just in time. It feels appropriate that it happens to be “Unfinished.”

“Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament” is a hand-sketched 3D adventure game for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Control Sketch, an unfinished sketch wishing to know who it was supposed to be. The only clue is to follow a pencil that continues to draw in the distance, followed by an artist’s voice as he struggles to complete his work. To reach new areas, Sketch will find left-over drawings to use for new abilities throughout the journey. Featuring traditional animation in a 3D environment, a personal story, and an environment filled with scattered concept art by the developers from various projects. More information on .

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