The Revolution Is Here, The Internet Is Not Ready

It’s been some time since I ranted about something. So I’ll talk about an old topic.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity came out a couple months ago. Note that they didn’t call it AC 5, even though it is probably more worthy of the number than AC 4 was. I haven’t played the game, so keep that in mind that I can’t speak much to whether or not the game is fun (although it received good review scores, yet lower than any AC game). A part of me laughs when I hear how it’s the first new-generation AC game and how it uses new advanced AI, which really only means larger crowds and means nothing for actual AI. Anyway…

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An Update From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Gamedev

I should write more posts. Especially this month, there have been a ton of new announcements.

Those video game awards 2014 were cool, although the only big announcement I got from it was that Nintendo’s new Zelda for Wii U is worth buying a Wii U for and that Nintendo might best Sony and Microsoft in 2015. Sony’s new PSX happened, and a few cool demos came from it. Street Fighter V is PS4/PC exclusive, and doesn’t look that great, albeit it looks like what SF IV should have looked like, instead of those awkward jagged poly-models everyone said looked incredible. New game “Drawn to Death” looks like good fun, but it tries to mimic pen-drawings with computer models and cel-shading again. Similarly, that new Guilty Gear game is out this month, and also uses 3d models instead of painted 2d ones.

I mention those last few games because I can’t help but feel disappointed. They would all have looked better if they utilized styles similar to my work, where you literally use hand-drawn sprites/cels in 3d environments.

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