Unity 3D Shaders for Two Transparent Textures

I like programming. C++ and C# make sense to me. Graphics and shaders, less so. I understand them, I just don’t have much experience with the syntax used in Unity 3D’s shader system.

And so, I was annoyed when I wanted to have a shader that faded between two transparent textures. I assumed that this might be a good way to smooth out 2d animations. But while I could find shaders that would fade between two normal textures, I couldn’t find ANYTHING that supported alpha transparency in those textures.

Anyway, after much experimentation, I made up the shaders myself. They work quite well, too. Sadly, they don’t work well for what I need: the first shader is based on Unity’s transparency shaders, which work great by allowing semi-transparent colors, but this causes errors with rendering order and isn’t good for more complex scenes with a lot of transparent textures. I typically stay away from that and use cutout transparency shaders, which don’t allow semi-transparency, but don’t have the errors I mention. From an animation perspective, the first (transparent) shader¬†looks better, but the second (transparent cutout) is necessary for actual use but doesn’t look as good. I provide both here, hoping it helps some of you out. Maybe I can use it elsewhere…

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everybody! Don’t ask me why Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving are on different days…

And I should have mentioned this sooner, but my sites have a few small upgrades. You’ll notice a different background here, and you’ll notice the site for “Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” has changed dramatically to look much better. It’s a shame I did that weeks AFTER releasing the game, months AFTER trying to promote the game. But perhaps this’ll help me make sure any future sites for future games look better from the get-go.

"Drew and the Floating Labyrinth" : it's amazing what a couple changes to the site makes...

“Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” : it’s amazing what a couple changes to the site makes…

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“Hullabaloo” About Successful IndieGoGo 2D Film Project

Around the time of this writing, IndieGoGo campaign “Hullabaloo” will end.

“Hullabaloo” is a 2d animated film project. It features a strong female lead in a steampunk world. It basically hopes to accomplish what Disney and other big-name animation studios haven’t done for over a decade. Yes, it’s technically a series of short films, but it’s success may also lead to a feature film if we’re lucky.

I pledged just before it ended (for the record, IndieGoGo made it incredibly easy to pledge even without an account, making me like it even a bit more than Kickstarter). I’m excited for this project. Not just because I love 2d traditional animation. I’m excited because, when asking for $80,000 on IndieGoGo, it raised over $450,000.¬†That’s a lot.

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