Some Cool Crowdfunding Projects (July 2014)

Holy cow, it’s already July. I wish it was June again…

Anyway, as usual, here’s some crowdfunding game projects I think are worth looking at. It annoys me how poorly thought out some listings can be, as if they were put on in a minute by a 8th grader thinking it was a sure way to make money. Either that, or they ask for tens of thousands of dollars to complete what I could personally do within a month. What’s more, some of these projects actually get fully funded… <sigh>… the people of the Internet are strange creatures sometimes. Here’s a few I think actually deserve some attention:


  • This one is nearly funded, within the first few days on Kickstarter. The trailer is well made with an appropriate voice-over, about a daring time-travel quest to save (or avenge) your mother. 2d pixel platformers are common, but also at their best with indie developers. I look forward to it. Likelihood of funding: guaranteed.

For My Brother

  • With a beautiful art style inspired by old English/Celtic looks, this 2d platformer is about playing as a young girl who slowly gains monstrous powers and loses her humanity to save her brother. I was hooked, until I saw the ugly 3d character model used in the game. It’s a shame too, since the background perfectly matches the hand-drawn look they were going for, I seriously hope they change that. Actual gameplay could use some more information as well. Likelihood of funding: low. It’s doing well, but that goal seems way too high at this rate.


  • Here’s something a bit more unique. A game that tries to encourage math education. It looks like it could be fun, which is harder than it looks for games like this. Likelihood of funding: medium. They’re really close, but they also finish in a few days. Good luck, guys!

Karma, Incarnation 1

  • Unique 2d games come along every year or so. The art style is this is especially unique: not only beautiful, but funny too! The biggest worry is that it’s so abstract that it might deter people, but when it looks that good, I don’t care. Likelihood of funding: low. Great start, but it needs to keep it up to make that reasonable goal.