Some Cool Crowdfunding Projects (June 2014)

E3 2014 is almost upon us. The world’s biggest gaming and digital entertainment expo, it’s the place where game announcements, trailers and gameplay will be revealed all in the same week. I love this time of year.

I’m frustrated though, because it seems nearly every game has already been leaked or officially revealed weeks before the event: a new Call of Duty, a new Battlefield, new Homefront, new  Mortal Kombat, and others all have official trailers or logos already out. What’s left to reveal? The excitement is partially taken away, and I’m hopeful that there are still a couple surprises worth watching for.

I could write an article about predicting what we’ll see, but instead I’ll just wait and watch the press conferences. I’m sure I’ll have something to write about after then. Until then, take a look at some indie games that need your support, especially this month, since they will likely be put to the side from all these major announcements. Especially since there are some fantastic projects around this month.

  • I don’t know if I should bother mentioning this game, since it reached its funding goal long ago. But’s its so easy to get behind: finally, a new take on the FPS genre. It adds a simple time element where time doesn’t move unless you do. It feels like its a turn-based strategy puzzle game rather than just a shooter, like taking bullet-time to the next level. No doubt it was simple to code, it could even have been made by accident, and add a simple futuristic simplistic art style, and we have a winner. LIKELIHOOD OF FUNDING: already succeeded.
  • An interesting game that would be perfect for OUYA, among other consoles (currently only PC is confirmed). A puzzle game that requires two players. In fact, they insist that no element of the game is possible without two players working together. I personally feel that games were meant for people alone and bored until their friends were available to do something else, but the gameplay video that shows couples playing is inspiring. Speaking of which, the art style also looks inspired. LIKELIHOOD OF FUNDING: good.
  • Where… did this… come from?!? Made by a company that made a handful of basic mobile games, this looks like an ambitious-story 2d side-scroller, very anime inspired. The story seems inspired by things such as infamous anime Elfen Lied, you seem to play a destructive robot monster fighting to bring world peace through fear (or something like that). The concept art and character design rivals that of shows like Guilty Crown and other art by Redjuice from Supercell, which means it looks incredible and professional. The actual game looks rough right now, but still darn impressive, and is right up my alley, perfect for anyone who generally likes anime. LIKELIHOOD OF FUNDING: fair (time is running out, but they have good progress).
  • A 2d point-and-click adventure game with a big hook: everything is made of paper. A game where everything is literally hand-crafted. And not just CGI made to look like paper either, it looks like the one developer is photographing his objects to place them in the game. The story promises to be emotional, about a father coming to grips with having accidently killed his son. A true work of art, it’s a shame the game hasn’t been funded more yet. LIKELIHOOD OF FUNDING: low (good progress, but not looking good to reaching its goal during its campaign).
  • This 2D game, a side-scroller adventure horror thing, means to use pixel art and imaginative environments to shine a light on mental illness and what it’s like to experience it. The short video of gameplay isn’t much, but looks really encouraging, and the themes it promises to bring up and its atmosphere could make this the talk of the indie community. I’ll keep my eye on this one. LIKELIHOOD OF FUNDING: low (hopeful that they’ll get more near the end, otherwise they probably won’t reach their goal).

Seriously, the games this month are better than usual. They even look more promising than that new Call of Duty game with Kevin Spacey. Give these games a look, and if you can, your support.