Further Developments…

A lot happened this week. I should talk about it.

Firstly, demo for “Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” turned out to have a couple bugs in the menu system I didn’t see before. Thanks to the good people on REDDIT who pointed out the flaws. I don’t normally like to update demos continuously anymore, but it didn’t seem fair to leave the game as it was. You can try the demo if you haven’t already here: http://drew.fromdustscratch.com .

Secondly, a gameplay video that shows the levels seen in the demo (and one extra one from the trailer). If there was any question about gameplay, this should fix that. It can be seen here:

Thirdly, I officially submitted my game to INDIE MEGABOOTH. I haven’t done this before, so I have no idea how difficult it is to get selected to show at PAX or GAMESCOM as they promise, especially since you pay for it. Essentially, it’s like reserving a spot at the world’s largest gaming events, and only slightly cheaper than you might expect. Even still, I’d gladly pay to attend these events, let alone showcase there, and it could be a huge boon to getting my game more attention.

Fourth, Steam. I haven’t submitted anything to Steam Greenlight yet, but plan to very very soon. I hope I can count on you when the time comes. That was fast: a Steam Greenlight page can be found here. This is the real deal, your feedback could lead to this being released on the world’s biggest digital gaming store (despite questions about “greenlight quality”). Please take a moment to leave some feedback.

Fifth, indiE3. No, not E3, indiE3. I don’t know exactly how this started, or when, but it sounds like it came from a single post of twitter only weeks ago. Since then, #indiE3 actually trended on twitter, and this hopes to be a direct competitor to the fat-cat’s E3 event, all online, streamed live, all this week. It starts tomorrow, and I submitted my game to take part. I haven’t gotten any confirmation yet, but the person who replied back sounds really excited, and you might get a peak at my game during the event. Whether or not my game is part, try to watch. It might become bigger than you think. Watch here: http://www.hitbox.tv/IndiE3

Big week a-coming…