Some Cool Crowdfunding Projects (May 2014)

Oops, almost forgot about showing off new crowdfunding projects this month. I’m very busy, and should have more to say in the next several days. Anyway…

Interestingly, added new categories for the “games” section. Put it to good use as you search on your own.

Also, I continuously get frustrated when people on ask for people to fund “them” rather than ideas or projects, saying that “they are full of potential but don’t have any money,” etc. The site really should implement a review process before letting just anyone put crowdfunding projects up.

  • This one’s a weird one. Made in RPGMaker, it isn’t clear from the video exactly what the game is. It appears to be an abstract adventure about a boy as he explores his memories regarding his friends. It hardly needs attention, as it already got over 200% of its goal within days. Part of me is jealous: my indie game was just as abstract, and this one appears obviously ripped off of several recent anime tropes. But part of me also thinks the style looks fantastic, and this could be a great little game. I don’t know how he got attention, but congrats to developer and artist “OMOCAT,” I wish him luck. LIKELYHOOD OF FUNDING: already done.
  • A fairly traditional-looking 2d rpg, but looks well made and is sure to find an audience. Is it also made with RPGMaker? LIKELYHOOD OF FUNDING: low.
  • Another game from RPGMaker… but a fantastic idea. You play a courier, tasked with delivering things and helping the characters in the local towns. I’m not sure about the art, but the potential for moving story and relationships is huge. LIKELYHOOD OF FUNDING: low.
  • Now HERE’s a game with fantastic art. Inspired by “ukiyo-e” art, this 2d adventure game trilogy is about a character who finds himself washed up onto a Japanese town, unable to speak or communicate the language. Great idea, beautiful hand-drawn art. How it hasn’t yet been funded is a surprise to me. LIKELYHOOD OF FUNDING: medium.

I don’t care how games are made, RPGMaker, Unity3D or other, as long as the ideas are new, exciting, and fun. But some creators should be wary: a common comment I heard out of PAX this year was how people are quickly becoming tired of more old-school 2d rpgs. You’ve been warned.