Indie: The American Dream

(I’m not actually American, but the phrase sounds better with “American” than “Canadian”.)

I’ve talked to a few friends over the last few weeks. Graduating from university, what will become of them? Some have landed very impressive jobs at various companies (and are very deserving of them). I’ve also heard disappointment and boredom with their jobs. I’ve heard plans of (eventually) getting a Masters degree, maybe a Phd, and eventually starting their own company.

Starting your own company… going “indie”…

It makes me feel selfish that I’m doing that now. Sort of. I’m technically still a student, studying for a Masters, but this is more an excuse to prolong getting a real job. But I’m doing now what people hope they can be able to do later. I’m doing what others dream of doing, my financial success be damned.

Yes, being your own boss and being independent is the true dream job. No longer do people want to work for Microsoft or Google for the rest of their lives. They dream of doing whatever they want, and making money for it. And high-profile employees have tried in the last few years. With social media, the Internet, crowdfunding and Kickstarter, it seems more possible then ever.

But then, what if everyone was “indie?” Even indies tend to hire other people for parts of their work. We need people willing to take jobs, to do work for other people. We absolutely need indies for innovation and art, but not everyone can be one. It makes me feel selfish to try, especially so soon in my ‘career.’

And yet, I try. I’ve had a taste of working for other people, people that haven’t a clue what they want in the first place. A taste for working aimlessly without direction on products ultimately meant for silly goals. I can’t go back, not without trying to go on my own. I know exactly what I want to do, and am blessed that (I think) I know exactly how to carry out my projects, and that I am capable to do so. Whether or not I make money, I need to try. And doing so as a student is the perfect time: I have room to fail, time and money aren’t as serious. if I fail, I grovel at the feet of potential employers, with a resume that shows me as innovative, hard-working, and passionate about what I do with my life. If I succeed, then maybe I can help others reach that same goal. One can dream…