Game Developer Contest Deadlines

When you make a game, project, research contribution, etc., where do you show it? Typically, you take to online and submit it to contests, conventions, conferences, and other places hoping for recognition.

I’ve been to a couple research conferences before, and they tend to be small events with dozens of awkward researchers saying hi to each other, while getting to make a powerpoint presentation of something they’ve dedicated years of their life towards while hoping in vain that someone else in the room is as excited as they are. Typically, this is purely meant as a resume booster, and I feel similar events are the same: it’s good experience, but it won’t change your life as much as you hope. When it comes to game development however, press and exposure is important even if futile, your game will not be seen if you don’t at least try to put it out there, and people won’t flock to you to see it without exposure elsewhere. Also, game conventions also tend to be exciting and get thousands of interested attendees, so the energy is better. The various online contests for indie games probably won’t get you attention, but sometimes get you money if you win a prize, and can lead to your game being showcased elsewhere, all the better for you.

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Indie: The American Dream

(I’m not actually American, but the phrase sounds better with “American” than “Canadian”.)

I’ve talked to a few friends over the last few weeks. Graduating from university, what will become of them? Some have landed very impressive jobs at various companies (and are very deserving of them). I’ve also heard disappointment and boredom with their jobs. I’ve heard plans of (eventually) getting a Masters degree, maybe a Phd, and eventually starting their own company.

Starting your own company… going “indie”…

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Unity 3D Jerky Camera – Resolved

I’ve had issues with my Unity 3D project lately. If I zoom in towards a character and move around, the camera seems jerky, especially when looking at the background as I move. This doesn’t seem an issue with zoomed-out camera, strangely.

I’ve experimented a bit, but still don’t know exactly what the cause is. It seems the smoothing-variable I’m using has little effect, as when I zoom in the camera must follow more closely to the character’s position. It also appears mainly when I jump and walk, instead of just jumping or walking alone.

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What happened to “James?”

So I’ve formally announced “Drew and the Floating Labyrinth” to the world, complete with logo and rough video. I’ve gotten some good feedback too, mainly from Youtube and Reddit. The game certainly isn’t catching like wildfire, but I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, and am grateful for the responses.

But the fans must be asking… what happened to “James – Journey of Existence?”

… ok, no one’s asking. But I’ll talk about it anyway.

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