Some Cool Crowdfunding Projects (April 2014)

All-righty. Let’s continue our monthly tradition of talking about some awesome games being crowdfunded!

No MMORPGs. Or table-top games. I should probably take RPGs off the list too, there are so many of them on Kickstarter. Maybe next month.

At the very least, take a look at all of these projects.

A RPG that looks similar to the Tales of series, for PC, Mac, Linux, and next-gen consoles. It’s gotten press elsewhere, and has to be commended on the quality of the colorful visuals. Likelihood of funding: medium (they got past the halfway point, but that goal is a little lofty).

A survival horror game where light is your only weapon. Basically, first-person Alan Wake. But the lighting and environment detail is fantastic, worthy of next-gen. Likelihood of funding: medium (its still really early in the campaign, they still have time).

These guys made a game called “No Time To Explain,” a simple 2d game with humor I appreciated. This is described as Just Cause 2 meets Battlefield 4, where you can hijack jetplanes in areal dogfights. Pure fun, but no gameplay footage makes me suspicious… Likelihood of funding: high (barely at the halfway point, but still plenty of time left, they’ll find a way to get the funding).

A pixelated isometric rpg, but the pixels are fine enough for the art to look nice. Medieval setting, fantasy, and inspirations from table-top rpgs. Likelihood of funding: already funded? Not my first pick out of this month’s list, but good for them!

When they said hand-drawn art, I was intrigued. When I saw the crude art in a 2d platformer that looks like it was made in Flash, and no actual footage other than the main menu, I became skeptical. But I do love hand-drawn art, this could be a simple, fun little game. Likelihood of funding: very low (no backers yet, and this is the second time the campaign was run.  For this game, I’m thinking the $10,000 goal is way too high and unnecessary).

Another Indiegogo campaign that looks better than everything else. Dealing with themes of nightmares, control a spunky girl in this action-adventure. No gameplay yet, but fantastic art, I’m excited. Likelihood of funding: low (sadly, their $50,000 goal is probably unrealistic).


Good luck to all these projects!