Thanks To The Press! (James – Journey of Existence)

Over the last few months, various forms of media and press have been kind enough to write about me and my indie game “James – Journey of Existence.” For personal reference and for the rest of you, I’ve decided to post some of the sites here. If you find others, feel free to let me know so I can add it. If you’ve mentioned my game in the past, I’d love to add you here. This article may be updated with press relating to “James,” and not to other games which I (may) make in the future.

  • The Indie Game Mag: very nice article by Vinny Parisi after seeing my game under the new “Tell Us About Your Indie Game” forum section. Posting there so early in the forum helped get me some attention, but much appreciated. I can’t thank them enough.
  • Indie Games – The Weblog: great preview article by Anthony Swinnich about the Kickstarter campaign. Would be copied on several other sites.
  • Atomic Gamer: my free demos have been re-uploaded here, but a short-but-nice preview blurb is also added.
  • Player Attack: my free demos have been re-uploaded here, but no preview added (at time of writing, no downloads either).
  • Just Adventure: my game was added to their catalog without me contacting them (cool!).
  • Digital Combat Soldiers: copy of article from “Indie Games – The Weblog.” (other similar copies of “Indie Games” ‘s article were made, but are now difficult to find)
  • davidgaames: many have criticized my work, but this one’s the first to bother writing a blog post about how bad it is. Some of it is a poor attempt at trying to be funny, but most of it is true and fair, and he clearly went to the trouble of researching the game and trying the demo before writing. You aren’t famous until you’re panned!
  • Venture Beat – Games Beat: after contacting me for my opinions, Dan Crawley quotes me in this lengthy, well written and balanced article about crowdfunding and its current state, where many larger developers take advantage of it and are taking attention away from smaller developers. A fantastic read.

Also, some youtuber’s:

  • Братец Ву – ПиСи Гамез: a popular Russian (I think) indie game player who has a raccoon as a mascot. at over 8,000 views, this was the biggest showcase for my game so far! Much appreciated!
  • Drivestudion: another Russian (I think) indie game player.
  • VoodooWarlock: another Russian indie game player. I really wish I could speak Russian. Or at least tell the difference between the several European languages from that area so that I don’t offend anyone.
  • TheStrawHatBerry: a great “let’s play” youtuber that makes playing games funny. Gets very frustrated when trying my demo.
  • HippocriticalGames: a player that actually got through the demo, and gives very fair comments as he plays.
  • GamingAcademics: one of the first to make a youtube video mentioning my game, he dedicates his channel to promoting all game projects up for crowdfunding. A great news feed, I highly recommend subscribing.
  • The Awkward Rambler: another indie news and “let’s play” youtuber, she mentions my game in the middle, alongside great indie games like “Tulpa” and “Once Upon a Light.”

I seriously appreciate all people who mention my work on their sites, blogs, channels, and other avenues of media. Good or bad, the more people that see the work I do, the better!