Some Cool Crowdfunding Projects (March 2014)

I’m going to start a new habit of listing some cool Crowdfunding projects you should check out every month. Not all of them get the press the desparately need, so why not tell the four people who read my blog about them?

Only games. Not MMORPGs or table-top games, I never liked them and there are way too many of those on Kickstarter to begin with.

A game that promises to use your real-time fear to affect the gameplay. Very promising, although such new technology might be in question. But playable without such technology, the surreal environments alone are worth your time. Likelihood of funding: low (despite great press, the funding goal is way too high, not much time left).

A beautiful adventure game that uses hand-drawn animation at its best, with a unique art style to help make it stand out.  Likelihood of funding: medium (they’ve made good progress this early in the campaign).

A JRPG that educates you on the Japanese language. No, seriously, it looks like a legitimate game that makes it fun to learn! Likelihood of funding: very high (very early into campaign, almost reached goal).

A game that is about using emotions to control people (and Mother Nature) in the world to solve puzzles. To be released for free online upon completion. Neat concept! Likelihood of funding: low (despite low goal, only one person pledged so far).

This made waves on some sites for its graphical and cinematic quality. Mirror’s Edge meets Heavy Rain in this first-person action/shooter/quick-time-event/mystery. One of the most professional games I’ve seen on Kickstarter. Likelihood of funding: low (somehow, it’s not even close to reaching its high goal).

A game on IndieGogo, the incredible art with simple color scheme makes this one of the most beautiful 2d games I’ve seen. A puzzle game where the dangerous environment changes around your characters as the game unfolds. Likelihood of funding: high (they aren’t close, but are still on target with plenty of time left. And it BETTER GET FUNDED!).

Good luck to these projects. Even if you can’t fund them, check out their pages and look at them. They deserve recognition.