So You Want To Join A Low-Budget Indie Project?

Surprisingly, I’ve gotten several interested people contacting me to help develop my Kickstarter indie game “James – Journey of Existence.” I already took on two talented composers, but may still consider other parties if appropriate.

Here’s some tips if you are interested in joining my (or some other) indie project:

  • Don’t be afraid to contact them. I wouldn’t have hired the two composers unless they contacted me first, and it did help speed up development on my Kickstarter campaign.
  • Does the project need what you offer? My project had terrible music (by me), and I openly admitted I’d hire musicians as my first priority if possible.
  • Be polite in the email. Don’t feel bad if I didn’t reply, I DID READ ALL OF YOUR EMAILS. I also wanted to hire everybody, but of course that would be silly.
  • Include links to a website, or at least example work on social media sites. A free website in wordpress or another web builder looks a lot better than no website at all, and I probably wouldn’t consider you unless you had something I could see/listen to.
  • Be flexible with indie artists. Funding might be tight, consider working for free for credit. If funding is available, the indie artist might also be surprisingly generous to make sure you get your fair share.
  • Timing is important. Contact early before it’s too late, but don’t expect to be part of the group until they are ready to hire you (possibly months later).

And I think that’s it. Hope it helps you indie artists looking for a project to be a part of!