Major Kickstarter Updates for “James – Journey of Existence”

Haven’t updated this page lately, I’ve been busy.

Specifically, I was busy

  • arranging new composers to supply music for “James – Journey of Existence” during the Kickstarter campaign (thank you Kim Derome and Kevin Morris for agreeing to help out, I hope the Kickstarter campaign succeeds so that I can afford to pay you throughout the game’s development).
  • extending the game demo (now includes new music, dialogue text, a second level, and other little improvements)
  • making a nifty new trailer for Kickstarter
  • contacting game press websites for help
  • preparing for University classes tomorrow.

You can see all of these updates on and . Kickstarter progress is slow but steady, if it doesn’t jump a bit by next week, my hopes won’t be very high.

Good night!