KICKSTARTER : James – Journey of Existence (A Hand-Drawn/Animated 3D Game)

Ok, that countdown from the last post is done. Here’s our special announcement: WE HAVE A KICKSTARTER!

Um… I guess you knew that already. My past posts have been hinting at this for months. But it’s official now!

Like all Kickstarters, I’m only successful if I get your support. Check out the project at the following link:



“James – Journey of Existence” is a computer game currently in development for PC, and if funding allows it, Mac and Linux. It is a hand-drawn, story-driven 3D puzzle/adventure/platformer, by one-man independent Canadian developer “Dust Scratch Games.”

That’s right, I said “hand-drawn 3D game.” You’ve never seen traditional animation used quite like this!


In the meantime, I will update both this blog and the Kickstarter project with new developments in the game to help convince you to give me money. This game is a major step forward for traditional animation and 2d art in games. If you agree (or disagree), be sure to leave me your feedback!

And here’s a nice image of the Kickstarter tile, in case you don’t know what to look for: