48 Hours On Kickstarter…

So my campaign for “James – Journey of Existence” (http://kck.st/19wTNSh) has already gone for over 48 hours. We have 12 backers, 11 of which went for the cheaper $5 early-bird reward tier, and 1 generous fellow who went for the physical copy at $60.

My experience with Kickstarter so far? It’s a great way to get people to see your project, succeed or fail. And using pledgers as a basis, it’s a great way to confirm to yourself that your idea has potential or has a existing audience. Social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or others, should all be used and tested to spread the word, and each may have varying results. Kickstarter backers tend to be very nice, and may have suggestions on how to improve your page, and some might network using Kickstarter to find extra work, which could be to your benefit to growing a team. And a Kickstarter without a good website writing a story about you is likely to fail, unless you somehow got a big audience of fans beforehand.

Also, I decided that some of my rewards were at confusing levels, or were asking too much from the pledger. So I reshuffled some of the tiers after the campaign started, and changed some of the required pledges to reach them. It would have been better to do this BEFORE the campaign started, but alas. Now, the tiers give the pledger some choice, while still being reasonable to me to provide.

New demos and story info for “James – Journey of Existence” is being worked on as we speak. Stay tuned in the coming weeks!

(I will probably write a nice article on my experience with Kickstarter when the campaign is over to help others beginning their own projects, as well.)