Did You Want To Be Part The Making Of “James – Journey of Existence?”


I’ve already been contacted by a few musicians from across North America interested in becoming part of the project. Who knew putting your game out there, on Kickstarter or Youtube, would be a way to make contacts with talented people so easily!

I do desperately need proper musicians, but I can’t really pay anyone until unless the Kickstarter campaign is successful (and yet, I can’t easily have a successful Kickstarter campaign with proper musicians, but c’est la vie). Until then, continue to feel free to send in your names for consideration with links to sample work, I appreciate any and all feedback and interest.¬†This goes for all musicians, 2d-artists, 3d-artists, and yes,¬†even programmers!

Of course, spreading the word to make this Kickstarter reach it’s goal sooner would allow me to start hiring others sooner, so by all means, show “James – Journey of Existence” to everyone you know! Even if it never reaches its Kickstarter goal, I want as many people to see it as possible, to get people to think: “Oh… I suppose a game could be made like that…” If I get that, then I would be satisfied.

– A.H.

KICKSTARTER UPDATE: “Character and Story Details (plus new Web Demo)”

So, is James the only character in “James – Journey of Existence?” Does he just wander aimlessly around the strange world he’s in? No, there’s a lot more to it than that. That’s why we’re showing you…


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48 Hours On Kickstarter…

So my campaign for “James – Journey of Existence” (http://kck.st/19wTNSh) has already gone for over 48 hours. We have 12 backers, 11 of which went for the cheaper $5 early-bird reward tier, and 1 generous fellow who went for the physical copy at $60.

My experience with Kickstarter so far? It’s a great way to get people to see your project, succeed or fail. And using pledgers as a basis, it’s a great way to confirm to yourself that your idea has potential or has a existing audience. Social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or others, should all be used and tested to spread the word, and each may have varying results. Kickstarter backers tend to be very nice, and may have suggestions on how to improve your page, and some might network using Kickstarter to find extra work, which could be to your benefit to growing a team. And a Kickstarter without a good website writing a story about you is likely to fail, unless you somehow got a big audience of fans beforehand.

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