Project James – Hand Drawn 3D Game (level update)

No matter how hard I try, I find it hard to stay away from working on this…

Those of you who read my blog know I am working on a 3d game where the characters are entirely hand-drawn. Previously, the background was kind of unfinished, but here’s some screenshots of the new introduction level (still not entirely finished, but that’s mostly what I’m going for):


Hand-Drawn 3d game update


Hand Drawn 3d game update


Hand-Drawn 3d game update

Here, the sky, clouds, grass, flowers, and of course, the main character are all hand-drawn. As a reminder, the purpose of this project isn’t to make EVERYTHING hand-drawn, that’d be silly. But when objects (especially organic objects and characters) animate in 3d, it just doesn’t feel right. So any animating objects, in this case our main character and the flowing grass, can be expected to be hand-drawn and traditionally animated. This isn’t necessarily more efficient than using 3d objects either, as these are hd images updating several times a second, but I prefer this style myself.

Expect a more detailed article sometime in the future to further explain the thought process of this game’s development, and possibly access to playing this level in a new demo… among other things. Also, feel free to explore the site a bit, it has been updated in the last few weeks.