Scary Halloween!

During Devil’s Night, I was horrified to find my desktop computer’s hard drive was corrupted somehow, and my operating system wouldn’t load! Or restore! Or reinstall! Yikes! Not to mention, most of my work this site talks about was on the thing!Happy Halloween!

Thankfully, after several hours of experimenting, I was able to give in and take out the hard drive, and backup the files onto another laptop. Thank goodness for external hard-drive readers, best $30 I ever spent. I didn’t get any sleep, but at least I’ll sleep well tonight… the night when hundreds of strangers will be knocking at my door asking for free candy… oh well.

To get you in the holiday spirit, here’s an old sketch that I happened to have on the barely usable hard drive. It was a simple art class assignment to sketch a human skeleton, but I looked outside the box and added a little style to make mine unique. Fitting to what Dust Scratch Games stands for, eh? Happy Halloween!


There haven’t been too many clues yet on what Dust Scratch Games actually does or what they’re working on… until now.
Check out our latest videos on youtube, experimental footage of 2D characters in 3D space. A hand-drawn 3D game. Cool, right? You gotta check out the videos to see what we’re talking about. These were done as part of a proposed research project in early 2013 (by the sole member of this site) using the Unity 3D game engine. The methods utilized here are similar to older fps games before 3d modeling was viable, but expanded for third-person gameplay and a freely-rotating camera, with full HD visuals, of course. The result is completely different from any game that exists today, and is the closest we’ve come to having hand-drawn animation cut into the more popular game genres.

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Welcome to!

A website and news feed for Dust Scratch Games, a new one-man Canadian independent video game company!

… ok, there isn’t much integrity in that last statement, but keep an eye out for us, you might be surprised!

Projects we work on will attempt to change how we look at game development, each in different ways. First, we will attempt to change how games “look,” hence the abundance of hand-drawn images on the site. If you like traditional animation, you’ll be excited for what we have in store…

Stay tuned as the website continues to be updated in the next few months!

The Modern Artist’s Creed…

In technological evolution,

we must start a revolution,

by putting all we know aside,

and starting from scratch…

Through this can we

create worlds not yet to be,

giving birth to the new

out of nothing…

But no matter how inspiring and grand,

it will become dust in the end.

This is the fate of all things,

so that they can be reborn anew.

– A.H.